Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chapter 3.5 Speak Up By: Keith Rowell

       So last week we looked at the work we have done but just doing good works is not enough. To talk to us about that is one of my good friends Keith. Here is what Keith had to say about this subject:

       I love the show “Undercover Boss.” The idea that the CEO of a large company would disguise themselves as an employee to better assess the health of their company is great. Throughout the show the CEO works with random employees of different locations to see the variety of jobs their company takes to run. My favorite part is the end, they gather those employees and they come face to face with the CEO, who they thought was just another co-worker. SURPRISE! It’s your boss! And they are baffled that the person they trained is the one who pays their salaries.

       At times Christians live like this. We go around like a boss on “Undercover Boss,” living life and fitting in. We are following Christ but we are not open and obvious about it. Some to the extent that our friends, co-workers, or even family have no idea; they think we are just good, moral people. They have no clue we are following Jesus and have access to the Hope of the World. We live life appearing as one thing, but secretly we are following Christ. 

Then….one day…...they find you out……

       Maybe they catch you praying over a meal or they see a tweet you shared from your YouVersion Bible App. The gig is up. Then you get the opportunity to talk to them about Christ….and to explain why you didn't say anything sooner...

       A big slogan for Christians is, “Preach the Gospel, use words when necessary.” This is great for encouraging those who follow Christ to make sure their actions in public and private are biblical. However, it sets a trap to almost be like “undercover” Christians. Throughout Scripture you have followers of Christ going out and boldly proclaiming the Gospel. Today, you will have the chance to proclaim the Hope we have in Christ. Actions are not enough. Open your mouth and share His love, His grace, and His acceptance. Let others know that you are not a good person, but one that is forgiven. 

Be bold.

Speak loud. Prove your actions with your words.

       Thank you Keith. Let me end with a challenge: Do not just do good works, which is great, but make sure you actually preach the Gospel too. Our works show cause people give glory to God but if we fail to let people know of our God than how can they give him glory?

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